Not Being Forsaken


Deut 31:8

“And the LORD, He [is] the One   who goes before you. He will be with you, He will not leave you nor forsake you; do not fear nor be dismayed.”

It had been a very long season of financial hardship. God had been faithful to His word and provided our daily bread. There were glimpses sometimes; instances where we wondered if the season was coming to an end but it was not. Those were times where God was releasing some of the pressure, like a valve allowing steam to escape so that everything would not explode.

We were in the midst of His process and being led by Him…and it was uncomfortable. Even with the knowledge that God was in control, my flesh still rebelled. Why were things not going the way I would have liked and when were they going to change?

Your spirit says “He’s got this”. Your body says ” How much longer?”

Money had to be juggled and carefully allotted. When would the bills be paid. Which ones got top priority. But God….

We had to deny ourselves and our children the simplest things. But God…

Learning to trust God in such times is paramount. I remember being a young Christian and reading the account of Israel’s exodus from Egypt. It was easy to picture Moses the deliverer, leading the people as He was led by God. The grandeur of the Red Sea parting and this huge throng of people crossing. Wow! Incredible! They were safe from their pursuers. There was a journey ahead but a promised end. They just had to trust the God who had answered their prayers , and go.

Yes, they were in a wilderness and yes, life now had to be lived differently but they were in His way. There were before them visible signs of God’s love and provision. So what did they do? We know the answer to that. They complained. Why did we leave? We should go back. Can we get something different to eat? We’re tired of this daily provision now.

I used to say if I was in that position, that there was no way that I would complain. I mean, after seeing all that God had done and all that He was doing, how could dissatisfaction even be an option?

That was not my journey. I was only reading about it. In the midst of my own journey, my own struggles, things looked somewhat different. There had to be a conscious effort to remind myself of God’s past works in my life and the lives of my family (1 Sam 30:6). Even when the words would not come out of my mouth, my thoughts and attitude would need adjusting. I wanted to trust God and have strong faith but why was it so hard?

There is no life without challenge. We can’t avoid it, go around it or tell it to come back tomorrow. We have to face it. In the midst of it, we learn about ourselves but we also learn about the God that we serve. He is faithful. Don’t doubt it, don’t question it. He is faithful. Going through my wilderness season, those were constantly on my lips. Whether as a testimony to His goodness or just simply to remind myself.

Today, you may be facing a tough time or you may know someone else who is. It is possible to find, in every challenge, ways that God has enriched us, encouraged us, kept us. Hold on to those moments. Let them give you strength when things seem bleak. He is faithful to His promise never to leave us or forsake us. Let your testimony serve to lift someone up.

Share with us. Leave a comment here or on our Facebook page. We want to hear how God has brought you through your time of difficulty. Your words may be just what someone needs to hear.

By Marisse Cropper

4 thoughts on “Not Being Forsaken

  1. Hi
    Your submission is very timely and speaks right into the heart of most of us. Not to complain in difficult times but rather give thanks is the answer. It add sweet to the bitter and make the experience or trial bearable.


  2. We sing a hymn which has these words:-“the bud may have a bitter taste,but sweet will be the cup.”Oh so true.I have been through such difficult times during my marriage,but I have been refined for a better living.


  3. “And the LORD, He [is] the One who goes before you. He will be with you, He will not leave you nor forsake you; do not fear nor be dismayed.”
    Very timely scripture…. to remind me of the consistency of my God. I know God is with me and will never forsake me, but yet in the midst of a hard situation I forget to take his words literally.
    It has been a long season of change and major decisions for my family, that has required us to live by the conviction of our hearts and trust God blindly. No, everything has not worked out perfectly or in the timing we hoped for but, we continue to see the his Grace/Mercy/Greatness.


  4. Very timely article. it is often so difficult to see the “good” in trying circumstances, yet it is precisely at those times that we need to trust His unerring wisdom which is for our good. In is in these times that we MUST force ourselves to focus on Him and not on the circumstances. Not an easy thing to do.


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