Identity Shift

Today’s article was written by a guest contributor -Tayler Woodman.  She is a young woman whose heart is set on following the Lord and fulfilling His purpose for her life. In this article, she gives us a personal glance into her process of change and what the Lord is working out in her life.



photo by Saavem

Phil 2:13 for it is God who works in you both to will and to do for [His] good pleasure.

It is by no coincidence that I have this opportunity to share with you my experiences and hopes for 2013. Although New Year’s Day has passed it’s important to remember that we are still living in a new year.

With that being said one of the things that the Lord impressed upon my heart for this season is living out a lesson I had learnt last year about walking in a new identity for this year.

In 2012 I experienced such a pressure from society and culture as I entered into what they call “true woman hood” as I turned 20. However during the journey before I actually turned 20, I wanted to do a little exploring on what it meant to be a woman.

Question’s plagued my mind as to what or who was a woman? Did you become a woman after you had a child? Are you a woman based upon your gender?  Are you a woman when you have sex for the first time?

What did it really mean??? I asked this question to several leaders and their answers somehow didn’t satisfy me.

So finally what I should have done in the first place ended up becoming my last resort. I asked my dad (God), and He led me to read a book my counsellor recommended that all young women and women read.

This is an excerpt from that said book that answered my burning question.

“It is nearing the end of the sixth day, the end of the Creator’s great labor, as Adam steps forth, the image of God, the triumph of his work. He alone is pronounced the son of God. Nothing in creation even comes close. Picture Michelangelo’s David. He is . . . magnificent. Truly, the masterpiece seems complete. And yet, the Master says that something is not good, not right. Something is missing . . . and that something is Eve.

The Lord God cast a deep slumber on the human, and he slept, and He took one of his ribs and closed over the flesh where it had been, and the Lord God built the rib He had taken from the human into a woman and He brought her to the human. (Gen. 2:21-23 Alter)

She is the crescendo, the final, astonishing work of God.  Woman. In one last flourish creation comes to a finish not with Adam, but with Eve. She is the Master’s finishing touch. How we wish this were an illustrated book, and we could show you now some painting or sculpture that captures this, like the stunning Greek sculpture of the goddess Nike of Samothrace, the winged beauty, just alighting on the prow of a great ship, her beautiful form revealed through the thin veils that sweep around her. Eve is . . . breathtaking.”

Well this particular excerpt didn’t completely satisfy my answer but the entire book as well as some intense bible studies helped in shaping my view of what a true woman is.

I could honestly go on and on about who a woman is but I won’t. I believe that womanhood isn’t a onetime thing or event. Rather it’s indeed a process that isn’t based on anything we can do but as we draw closer to God, the more He pours our identity into us. If that even makes sense lol.

So basically what I’m trying to say is that at this stage of my life in this year, I’m learning who I am and whose I am.

Consider: have you drawn close enough to God, that His definition is what you are becoming or are you still dancing around the edges and operating by what you think you are and not who He says you are?

By Tayler Woodman

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