What’s on your heart? Share with us

Good morning everyone,

It is truly a wonderful day to be alive. Praise God for His faithfulness.

You may be wondering why you are getting a post today as this is not our usual day but we are up to something. 😉

For the past few months we have shared our experiences, our thoughts and encouraging words with you and we pray that they have been a blessing.

Now, we want to hear from you. For the month of August we are asking you to share your testimonies, not just with us, but with all of the others who read this blog as well. From the ones that we get, we will post on Fridays, maybe one or two.

Let everyone know how God has worked or is working in your life and the breakthroughs  that He has engineered in your life. Trust us. Your words will be an encouragement to someone else.

So write to us at sisterz.keeper@gmail.com and in about 300 words (don’t worry if it’s a little more), share with us all. We are starting from this Friday, August 2.

Have a wonderful day. Walk in the knowledge that in all things God is with you and He is the strength and the wisdom of your life.


Sisters’ Keeper



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