Sharing our hearts- personal testimony

Remember to send us your testimony so that we can all be encouraged by, and celebrate, what God is doing in your life. We are sharing personal testimonies for the month of August.
“Whom the Son sets free is freed indeed!” John 8:36
I was talking with some friends the other day and praising the Lord for the way He is able to deliver from bondage and fear. All of us go through difficult circumstances and the enemy tries to use those circumstances to put us in bondage.
When I was a child, my family moved every 3-5 years to a different island of the Caribbean as my Dad’s job required transfers. When younger, my brother and I enjoyed this. It was exciting to go do a different place and meet new friends. However, as I got older, it became much more difficult. One particular move proved traumatic to say the least. It was when I was sixteen years old. I had to leave my friends, change countries and go to a school which made every day painful to attend. Everything felt wrong, the teachers, the students and the work. As my grades fell and I felt out of place, I suffered from the most severe blow to my self esteem I had ever experienced. I found it very difficult to utter a word in public without breaking into a full-on anxiety attack..profuse sweating, palpitations and inability to speak. I felt so bound by it that I chose not to speak in public. I wouldn’t ask questions, I kept mostly to myself and prayed that no-one would ever ask me to stand up and do anything. Throughout those years and somewhat after, I thought I would never recover my confidence or ability to speak in public. Furthermore, I loved to play the piano and sing and whereas before I would perform in competitions and examinations with confidence, I felt I had lost my ability to do so.
Sisters, I’m happy to say that as I submitted my life to Christ, over the process of time, the Lord has freed me from this. Through the empowerment of the Spirit, I can speak, teach or sing for Him in whatever capacity He asks me to. It may not seem like such a big thing to others, because they didn’t know me then or know my anxieties, but I remember the gripping fear I felt and how in my own natural self I would have avoided anything like this. The Lord is able to deliver us completely and lead us into our God-ordained purpose!
What is keeping you in bondage today? God knows the plans He has for you and it may be the very thing the enemy is seeking to restrict you in. Submit it to Christ and allow Him to work His process of healing and liberty through the Holy Spirit. Step out in faith. God has your back!

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