Personal Testimony – Before They Call, I Will Answer!

Is 65:24 Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear.

Can you imagine loosing your handbag with all your travel documents and money in busy London?

This is exactly what happened to my family while on vacation in the UK. After a day of sightseeing and shopping we boarded a Double Decker bus and sat upstairs to take in the city. Upon arrival at my Aunt’s home, to our distress, we realized that the bag with our money and other important documents, was missing.

Anxiously we scampered back to the bus-stop hoping to board the same bus, but it was another. We then rushed to the bus terminal lost and found section and waited until all the buses had returned, but nothing was reported. Next we went to the police station and we were told that they would investigate, but nothing seemed urgent to them, it was obvious that they didn’t think we would find it. Dejected, we returned to my Aunt’s and related those details.

Without a word, she led us calmly into the living room and THERE ON THE COUCH WAS THE BAG!  We couldn’t believe our eyes! Questions flooded our where? when? who? My Aunt, a believer in Jesus and a prayer warrior, explained – Seeing our desperation, she stood at her kitchen window and prayed “Oh God, please bring the bag back! Please don’t let this spoil their holiday!”

Almost immediately, she heard a knock at the door. There stood an agitated woman who pushed the bag into her hands while saying “Take the bag, take it! He didn’t mean to take it!” She explained that her son, who had recently been released from prison, had brought it home. As he began to unpack it, she was “arrested” and convicted to return it so that he would not get into any more trouble. She saw a letter, written by my Aunt to us with her address and immediately grabbed the bag and went hurriedly to my Aunt’s.

When we searched the bag..everything was there, nothing was missing. Immediately we praised and thanked God for this miracle. Our omnipresent and omnipotent God knows our needs. Even in our moments of carelessness, He intervenes and answers us before we call!

By Leslie Hull

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