How does He do it?

It was summer and I was working at a Veterinary Clinic. A dog was recovering from surgery and there was a delay in putting her back in the enclosure. So I was asked to watch her for a few minutes. Well something startled her and she jumped up and bolted out the door. When I tried to catch her, she turned and snapped. The chase was on. I yelled for help and soon vet assistants and even the vet himself had joined the chase. We had leashes, collars and muzzles. The only thing was that the area behind the clinic was full of all types of bushes and tall grass.

It was a game of hide and seek. Every time someone saw her she would disappear again. Finally, one by one,people gave up. The only thing left to do was call the client and inform them of what had happened. I just could not give up. I felt horrible. Slowly I walked back to the clinic; the last person. I had prayed, ” Lord help me find that dog!” The situation was desperate and felt hopeless.

Then I saw a hill and figured as one last effort, I would walk to the top for a better vantage point and there she was!! Hallelujah! Sitting under a tree at the bottom of the hill, exhausted from the combination of running and anesthesia. I really think I danced at that point and praised God. The feeling relief was immense. After putting the leash around her neck, I realised she was too tired to walk. So I tried lifting. Too heavy but in the process I accidentally (oops) stepped on her tail (oops) and up she sprung. At that point we walked back to the clinic. I don’t know what she was feeling but I was a mixture of joy, relief and gratitude.

I don’t know how He does it and it’s not my job to know. I just praise Him for all He is.

By  Marisse Cropper

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