Every Little Thing’s Gonna Be Alright


Matt 3:34 

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

We battled back and forth. I had given my son an instruction and he was going to comply. Even if at that moment, compliance was the furthest thing from his mind.

The instruction: “You have to take   the bus to school this morning”. He came up with every excuse he could think   of. He tried a guilt-trip on me but I knew, that morning, that I had to stand   my ground. So even though, in my mind there were little doubts creeping in,   outwardly all he saw was an impenetrable wall. At least I hope that is how it   seemed. Eventually, he calmed down and admitted to me that he was nervous because   he was not sure where to get off.  With   this admission, I went on to explain in great detail; telling him landmarks   he would see along the way. With that we got into the car so that I could   drop him to get the bus.

As we neared our destination, I began   to worry. What if something happened to him? This was only his second time   taking the bus by himself. What if he was not sure of the fare? I drove past   the stop and told him that I would drop him to school after all. He was   grateful.

Then something else happened. The Holy Spirit began to talk. “You were wrong”, He said. “He was supposed to be on that bus today.” I felt strongly convicted. I told my son I was taking him back and he told me that he was not as nervous about taking the bus.

I prayed, “Lord, You, not the bus driver, take him to school.”

As I watched him walk away from the car, there was still a little feeling of nervousness. The car would stay parked there until he got on the bus. That was my plan.

Then, there was a tap on the passenger window and I saw an older lady. I rolled down the window, thinking maybe she wanted directions. “Your children…” she started. “The Lord says not to worry about your children.” I was in shock. My mouth almost dropped open. She then went on to encourage me,   telling me that I should put my children in God’s hands. That every day as I drove my car it was God who steered the car and not me and that I should   commit my journey to Him. Worry, she said, gives way for the enemy to come in and plant seeds of doubt. She was 82 years old, this lady, and that morning she had stopped, in obedience to God, to tell me what God wanted me to hear.  When she was finished, she simply said ‘God bless you’ and continued on her  way. I barely had time to tell her that God had indeed sent her to me that   morning and I shouted ‘God bless you too’ as she walked away. I was in tears as I drove away. God had exactly what I needed when I needed it.

By the time I looked back, my son was gone; having gotten on a bus. He had no idea of what had transpired. I told him when I picked him up that afternoon.

Lord, there is no place for worry in my life. You have promised that you would not leave or forsake me. Remind me of your promises when doubt and worry want to creep in and cloud my mind.  Thank you for your faithfulness. In Jesus’name, Amen.


By Marisse Cropper


2 thoughts on “Every Little Thing’s Gonna Be Alright

  1. I could relate to that.When I heard devastating news from the doctor about my health,I did not panic.I just quietly said “Thank you God.” Up to now I remain strong in the Lord.


    1. Thank you for taking the time to post your comment. God truly is faithful. It is His unchanging nature to be that way. I pray that the Lord will continue to up hold you and that His joy will overflow in you and dictate your reaction in every situation.


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