Are you a foot or a fingernail?

1 Cor 12:4

There are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit.

1 Cor 12:18

But now God has set the members, each one of them, in the body just as He pleased.

The fingernails that I had bitten most of my life, were just that, things to be bitten. No real function. If they grew and were shaped they would look nice but…big deal right? They actually were put there to protect our finger tips, help us grasp and affect precise movements of our fingers.

No need to ask what our feet are for. Mobility and balance. We need them every day. A vital part of life. Walk to the car, run up the stairs.

Whereas the fingernail may not be looked at with as much admiration and importance, God put it there and by that fact alone it is important. There is no way that a foot could be a fingernail. That is actually quite funny if you think about it.

Picture for one moment if a heart decided one day that it was tired of pumping blood. All that work; every second, every day. Just pumping and pumping. Being a…. nose seemed so much better. Just sit there and smell. Easy work.  It’s comedic to think of a heart sitting in the middle of your face but there are serious repercussions. Similarly if any of the perfectly positioned parts of your body, big or small, moved out of order. A heart cannot do what a nose does. They are built nothing like each other.

It is the same in the body of Christ. God knew exactly what He was doing when He made you to be who you are. We have all been assigned giftings and they are varied and each is necessary. We must work according to what we have . There is no use in pretending to be something you are not because it looks bigger and puts you in the spotlight. On the other hand, there are those who may be called to do the thing that puts them out front but run and hide, preferring to be in the background.

We have to love who God made us to be and stop comparing ourselves to others. Same God, different processes, different paths. We must be faithful to what He has given us. Someone I know calls it ‘Running in your lane’. There is only one you and when God made you, He weaved into your fabric something that no one else could be.

Take the time to sit with Him and figure that out. Some things may be more obvious than others. Read 1Cor 12.

Know that in His eyes we are different but no one is more important. Not the foot; not the fingernail.

Father, even when I am not sure of who I am, You are sure. Help me to see through your eyes. You don’t make mistakes. I will work to use all that You have given me to the benefit of your Kingdom. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

By Marisse Cropper

8 thoughts on “Are you a foot or a fingernail?

  1. It is so wonderful to kmow that God has made each one of us with a special gif twhich should used be to the honor and glory of God.What a mighty God he is.


  2. This post makes you laugh in the beginning as you read it, but it’s quite a serious subject. How many of us women compare ourselves to others who seem to have it all going on instead of figuring out what we are good at and sticking to that purpose or talent? Thanks for reminding me that no-one is bigger or more important than another; we are all in the same body of Christ together and for that I say: Amen!


    1. Gail, we all need this constant reminder as we can find ourselves slipping into that place in our minds where we feel we are not good enough. For whom? For God? He knows all our quirks and our strengths. We just need to leave them all in His hands.


  3. Reblogged this on Living Life: Day by Day and commented:
    Are you comparing yourself with another sister or brother? Do you think they are better than you? Well it’s time to straighten up and get with the programme – because we are all in the same body of Christ and no-one is better than the other; we just have unique skills that make us specially talented just as God planned it to be.


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