My future decided


Rev 1: 8 “I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God, “who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty.”

Often at this time we find ourselves reflecting on the quickly gone. So as I sat thinking about it, the good stuff and the not so good stuff, the prayers that were answered and the ones yet to be, this scripture assured my heart. I thought, “Wow!! What a powerful statement.” For me it meant that God’s in my past (the one who was), He’s in my present (the one who is) and He’s in my future (the one who is to come). An infinite God who ain’t limited by time or space. 😊

So my dear friends, whatever challenges we’ve faced this year and whatever victories we’ve had..let’s remember that!! God is already in our future, even as He is with us right now!! Before He puts forth His sheep He promises to go before them. So if you are His, you have this assurance and can rest and relax in His providence.

As we get together with family and friends this holiday season, it really doesn’t matter if we have much or little material things. Some of us may have experienced a loss of some kind or we may have been blessed by some special gift. The one we can all celebrate is the Lord who loves men so much that He gave himself for us. So let us encourage each other with these truths that are more precious than anything money can buy. We have His presence and His rich providence that gives confident hope for the future that lies ahead.
I pray for all of you a wonderful and safe Christmas.

Enjoy this video by Hillsong United “My future decided“.

God bless always!!

By Carol-Angel Jackson

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