The Day The Mess Made Me Smile

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The blessing of the LORD makes one rich,
And He adds no sorrow with it.
Prov 10:22

My eldest son has the chore of taking out the garbage. Something, I must admit, which he has fought less and less to do over time. If only now he would do it without being told but, one step at a time. When he was first given this chore, he would whine and complain. Then one day my husband told him this, ” Taking out the garbage is a sign of God’s blessing to us. It shows us that God has provided for us and thus we are in the position to have things that need throwing away.” A bag of chicken bones, various peels and empty containers was a strange looking blessing but what he said was the truth.
I remembered that when I walked into the kitchen and saw the mess on the counters. Some of the things were kitchen related and some were not. Everything that had a place was at that moment out of it and instead of getting annoyed, I smiled and thanked the Lord for His provision. If we had nothing, there would be nothing to make the mess. There is always a blessing. The mess had to be cleaned up though. Where are those children?
With this in mind, I am challenging all of us (me included) to get out a pen and paper/notebook, a computer or a tablet and make a numbered list of all the times that God has blessed us. You may not be able to finish it in one sitting or even one day. You may add to it daily as old events are remembered and new events occur. Ask God to help you remember. I am talking about everything – the time someone called you out of the blue when you needed encouragement; God sending a ‘raven’ when you did not have enough….; times when things that did not look like blessings/ favour and turned out to be just that; the time you were running late and perfect parking space; the lessons that God has taught you that have shaped your life etc
I could go on. There are many examples but I think you get the idea. The next thing I want us to do, is put up that list somewhere that it is visible to us – e.g. bedroom wall, bathroom mirror – as a constant reminder of God’s goodness in our lives. It is hard to whine and complain when you are continually reminded of how good He has been.
Drop us a line and let us know how it is going.

Thank you Lord. You have truly been more than we could imagine and You keep giving and giving. Words cannot fully express all that You are to us. Thank you Lord.

The following is the Sisters’ Keeper ‘jam’ for today. Enjoy!! You can’t sit still with this one.

Article by Marisse Cropper

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