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Recently my son came to me. He had been watching one of his favorite shows on TV and was curious about something. He had seen the parents on the show arguing and even insulting each other. This was done to a laugh track. The arguing parents were funny. This puzzled him as his parents did not act like that. Not to say we never disagree but not to that extent and certainly not calling each other names.

This brought to mind a trend that I have noticed in TV – sitcoms especially; where the wife insults and degrades the husband. I wondered if that was an accurate reflection of society or if it was just written for the sake of levity. Would it then influence how wives actually treated their husbands? Would it influence how a new generation of young people treated each other? Television and society as a whole seems to equate submission with subservience.

The following article is re-posted from Blogs by Christian Women and written by Samantha Elizabeth. It deals with of Godly submission and gives an interesting perspective on the topic.

Submission: It’s a Choice | Blogs by Christian Women.

By Samantha Elizabeth (An Excerpt)

Our culture has a very charged focus on women’s’ rights. There is no doubt that women have come a long way in forms of equality, but I believe historic moments such as; a woman’s right to vote, equal pay, and expectations to live a domestic life are things that should be separated when looking at biblical reference to “submission”.  Somehow…society ties it all together…and I am not quite sure where this all came about. The word “submissive” is known as the dreaded word in which Christians have been chastised for. The term alone has caused such an uproar that most can barely look past it. Sadly, this piece of scripture has been taken and skewed, cherry picked and distorted…to fit the lives and expectations of non-believers and believers everywhere.  I was one of them. 

A little background…

I grew up to be a very independent woman. The idea of ever submitting to anyone was not something I found flattering.  Who would ever want to submit? And to a boy (man) at that! In my younger years my relationship with Christ was just developing…so I fell in to the category of “cherry picking” verses that allowed me to find justification as to why certain biblical expectations were ludicrous and would never, ever, be applied to my life. As I have grown deeper in my faith, I have found a way to look at scripture and biblical reference about submission differently. 

Click on the link to view the article in its entirety.

Posted by Marisse Cropper

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