Live with purpose!


John 4:34
New International Version (NIV)
34 “My food,” said Jesus, “is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work.

What a way to live! Knowing why you were put here on this earth and having the determination and endurance to see your purpose through to the end! How many of us live this way or are we side-tracked by the mundanity life and it’s many distractions?

The one thing I gather so clearly as I read about Jesus, was that from a very early age, He knew the why, the what and the who. He knew why He was sent, what He was sent to do and who sent Him. He could be found from an early age sitting with the wise men and “being about His Father’s business”. What focus and direction!

Do you know the why, what and who? If not I encourage you to find out. What an exciting jorney you will discover!!

Everyone of us has purpose and destiny, things prepared for us to do in Christ before the world was formed.. things we are to contribute so that we leave a footprint for eternity, not our own, but the footprint of Christ. I truly believe that He saved us from the fall so that we could be restored and reconciled, finding our true purpose in becoming like Him and fulfilling it.

I remember how lost and drifting I felt before I really came to know Christ in a personal way. One of the transformations that occurred for me was that I knew internally that I had found purpose and clarity, a reason for being and that I had direction. That’s what it means, for me, to overcome this world. To be so filled with the Spirit of power, love and a sound mind..having the ability (power), the right motive (love) and the determination and will (sound mind), to live out our God ordained purpose and not be crushed or destroyed internally by life’s circumstances and this world.

To whom much is given, much is expected. Not only do we have the breath of life in us, we have much more than that, eternal life through Christ! Also, many of us have good jobs, freedom, access to a certain amount of resources that we can prayerfully put our minds and skills towards fulfilling our purpose for being here!

What we do with the things God has given us is entirely based on how we see ourselves in the grand scheme of life and how willing we are to seek and draw out His purpose for us and be occupied and passionate with it!

So what is your mission? Why are you here? Ask God to clarify your purpose and vision today. He is the one who has sent you. Ask Him to fill you with His Spirit of determination, focus, love and divine ability. Ask Him to bless you with the resources and endurance to fulfill it and then….go do it!

Have a great weekend and live with purpose!

By Carol-angel Jackson

One thought on “Live with purpose!

  1. Great encouragement for today. So much of our lives seem out of our control these days, but as we stay focused on Him our true purpose will emerge.


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