Riding my wave


2 Timothy 1:7 (NKJV)
For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

As we ride this wave of life, sometimes it feels big and too powerful for us. As I thought about this, I had a revelation and thought I would share.

Every time I go for a surf, I think of Peter walking on the water, cause that’s exactly how it feels..awesome!
However, to REALLY enjoy the ride, the perfect place to be is in the ‘peak’ of the wave, which lifts you up to an even higher place, at the top of the wave.

It is really scary to ‘pop up’ all the way up there, of course, depending on the size and strength of the wave, but as my instructor said, “You have to commit”. When you commit and you get in that ‘sweet spot’, the wave just takes you forward, and as they say “only a surfer can know the feeling”.

I say all of that, to say that God increases our faith enough to walk on the water. That’s what we do every day, walking in the grace that’s needed for the circumstances and relationships that we are faced with. Perhaps now, for some of us, He’s encouraging us to ‘pop up’ in the peak of the wave and let Him take us forward. There, in the peak of the wave, it’s only through trusting Him completely that we can have the faith to ride it.

I share this because I know we are all on pretty big and powerful waves of our own, but when we COMMIT and POP UP, it is the scary height and power of the wave that brings the joy and freedom to the ride.

The other thing is that every time I go for a surf, afterwards, my husband asks me to tell him about it so I get to SHARE it..the frustrations and the joys.

This too is like our wave of life, that as we are going through something that doesn’t necessarily feel comfortable, know that it is for the good, that one day we will get to share the experience with others coming up behind us to encourage them through their wave.

So yes, I am believing Him and not looking down at the troubles of this world, but continuing to keep my eyes on Him, and thanking Him for His peace that passes all understanding and His power that takes me on the heights of the ride..and I pray the same for you.

Have a wonderful weekend!

By Lisa Marshall

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