Leave a footprint!


Today’s article is a tribute to my aunt Judith Patricia Hull-Ballah, auntie Patsy.

Many of you didn’t know her but she was a woman of tremendous worth, loved by many..especially her family and she was a faithful reader and supporter of this blog. After a short and serious illness, The Lord took her home to be with Him last week Monday.

In describing her, I told someone how
she had many challenges, yet always sought to improve herself and helped others to do the same. She was an excellent consultant in childhood education, who travelled the world conducting workshops and seminars. She was a woman of God and a woman of strength, a kind and generous person. When my son Daniel needed to go to Florida for a very costly open heart surgery to repair a large atrial septal defect, we didn’t even have to ask..she gave what she could to help and I will be forever grateful for her generosity.

She was dignified and deliberate in the things she did and the way she lived her life and was a great example of the fortitude, strength and the industrious nature of the Prov 31 woman.

Her passing brought forcibly to my mind how temporal and finite our lives are. None of us can escape the reality of death. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to leave behind us the legacy of the good works that God prepared for us to do before the beginning of time?

Let us all therefore strive each day not to live for ourselves, or not merely to do things so that men will reward our efforts or speak well of us now and when we’re gone. Let’s seek to focus on Christ and what His desires are. Let’s strive to live in such a way for Him to say “Well done, good and faithful servant!” In Him we most certainly can!!

At the end of all of this.. it’s only what we do for Him that will last for eternity and in living that way, striving to be like Christ, others around us will be tremendously impacted just as he impacted the whole world.

So..leave your footprint! Even as my auntie Patsy did!!

Rest in the presence of God Auntie Patsy. You are greatly missed by me and the whole Sisters’ Keeper family.


By Carol-Angel Jackson.

2 thoughts on “Leave a footprint!

  1. Thanks for this challenging post. As her sister-in-law, I knew and loved her also. It certainly makes you wonder what size footprint you are leaving behind. May God help us all to follow in His steps then we will be assured of leaving a legacy of faith as she did. Sincere condolences. May she rest in peace.


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