Worship in action

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We’ve heard it before..worship is not about the songs we sing or the music we play but about the condition of our hearts and our willingness to serve others. Today we highlight Worship in Action, founded by Don Moen, renowned Christian songwriter/worship leader and his partners. Please read Gifty’s story below and let this encourage us to support the underprivileged and ministries that do so. http://worshipinaction.org/

Dear Friends,
A few years ago while on tour in Ghana, West Africa, a friend invited me to visit a residential children’s home just outside the capital city of Accra. My wife Laura and I made the trip to Royal Seed Home, and I’m so glad we did! The children welcomed and gave us a royal tour that sincerely changed my life. That day I met a little girl named Gifty who’s sweet face and story I will never forget. It goes like this…

A group of children were playing in a field one day when they noticed a black plastic bag on the ground wiggling around. Afraid the bag had a snake inside, they began to hit it with sticks to try to kill the snake. A passerby noticed the commotion, heard cries coming from the bag and stopped the children. When they opened the plastic bag, they found a newborn baby girl inside.

Local police received the baby and brought her to Royal Seed Home where the founder of the home, Naomi, took her in and gave her the name “Gifty”…God’s gift to us. Gifty lived at Royal Seed Home until an American family adopted her. Royal Seed Home saved Gifty’s life, and today a family gives daily thanks to God for rescuing their daughter.

For many years I have felt this message stirring in my heart: “Worship is more than the songs we sing.” Worship is lifting our hands up to God…and extending them out to others in our daily lives. Many people see me as an artist and songwriter. But worship is much more than the songs we sing! One of my greatest joys in life is touching people with God’s presence in practical and tangible ways. This is why we established Worship In Action.

Worship In Action is a US-based charity that exists to be the hands and feet of Christ for hurting people. Our top priority this year is very simple: to feed the children of Royal Seed Home in Ghana, West Africa. Royal Seed is the sole children’s home I support, and I can’t do it alone. Would you consider joining me as a monthly partner? A contribution of $25 per month guarantees every day one less child goes to bed hungry. If God is moving your heart to make a BIG difference in the life of a child, you can can do it right now by CLICKING HERE.

Thank you for reading this. My heart is full of hope knowing God is going to use us to make a difference in our world. I hope you’ll join!

God Bless,
Don Moen

Shared by Carol-Angel Jackson

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