Reflections …


And the child grew, and waxed strong in spirit, filled with wisdom: and the grace of God was upon him.

Luke 2:40

My daughter and I spent a day together recently due to school closure and ran some errands together. This opened up the opportunity for her to have my undivided attention (I think she is still unsure whether that was a good or a bad thing). I realised something at that time – on a whole, I admire my daughter. There are characteristics that she has that I would like to possess.

She smiles and laughs. A lot. From the silliest of things to the corniest of jokes to an item that gives her pleasure.

She is who she is. No exceptions. No matter where she is.

She loves who she is. I asked her and she told me.

She is bold. Not timid to go and start talking to people or give her opinion (even when it is not asked for).

She loves easily and forgives easily.

She talks a lot. Anyone who knows her can corroborate.

She is joyful, exuberant, helpful, emotional, miserable (at times), and I can see her growing up both physically and emotionally.

A long time ago, the Lord told my husband that our daughter would grow out of her immature ways. While I know I had hoped for a sudden, overnight transformation, I am beginning to see the small differences.

Yes, there are, and will be, times of correction and long “will this child ever get it ?” sighs but I pray that the inherent nature of who God made her to be never changes. As a parent, I have to watch over her and guide her as God directs and try my best not to crush or disregard characteristics about her just because I may not see the big picture as yet.

Lord, teach us to love our children just as you love us – with our whole hearts, unconditionally, giving them our all. Give us the wisdom to steward their lives and to be as patient and long suffering with them as you are with us.

Have a spectacular weekend everyone and walk in the joy of the Lord.
Marisse Cropper

5 thoughts on “Reflections …

  1. I love this posting and your honesty. We really have to trust our children and their lives to God and believe that he loves them more than we ever could and knows them better than we do.


  2. I think this post was spot on! As mom to a teenaged son who is mouthy, full of opinions and sometimes forgets his attitude is showing, I can see how he is growing into a caring, thoughtful, loving individual who knows right from work. It’s a hard hard journey this parenting thing, but at the end of it all we hold on to the fact that children are indeed one of the most awesome gifts from God. Thanks for sharing this little slice of your journey with us 🙂


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