Allow Him In

open door

(photo courtesy bschwehn)

Wait on the LORD;
Be of good courage,
And He shall strengthen your heart;
Wait, I say, on the LORD!

Psalm 27:14

The day had started off normal enough. Plans were made, kids were dropped to school and the tasks were ready to be completed. Then in the middle of all that, it happened. A funk settled in. From thought or some situation, it was there and weighing heavily on me. Surprisingly, what caused the funk in the first place, can’t even be recalled now but I remember how it felt.

My thoughts, attitude and posture all changed. Have you ever been in a funk and wanted to stay there? It was miserable and I wanted to mope. Then I tried to convince myself out of that mood by telling myself it was not right and that I should be happy. That did not work.

Then it hit me. What was needed, was a Jesus answer. I walked back to my car thinking that worship was the answer. Turning to the Christian radio station was no help at that point – they were playing Christmas music. Ok, a CD then. Removing the current one from the player, my thoughts ran to Mary Alessi. So I put that CD in and immediately felt to play the last song. Since I had not listened in a while, I was not sure what that song was but the Spirit knew. From the first strains of the song (In Him I Live), the first lyrics, things began to change. This was what I needed at that time. My spirit lifted as I turned up the volume and sang at the top of my lungs – windows up of course. I must have pressed replay about 5 times.

There will be times when things are not so great, and believe me that song did not make all things right but it was a stepping stone that God used. He wants to heal us if we let Him. I could have chosen to ignore His prompting and continued on in my funk – woe is me etc. etc. We are not meant to find our own solutions and take hold of the reins for ourselves. We have to choose to give them back over and allow Him to heal us. The battle is not ours, no matter the size of it. From the big things to the small, He has already provided.

Check out your heart and allow Him in. Give God permission to fix the situations BEFORE we have tried and failed.

Love to you all.

Marisse Cropper

visit: for a sample of the song

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