Through thick and thin!



I was recently having a conversation with my 11-year old about the importance of being selective with friendships..”It’s good to be personable and friendly..but be careful with who you walk with in life because not everyone is to be your friend.. many people have been led astray through the friendships they kept”, I cautioned him.

Through the years I must say, I have been blessed with true and enduring friendships near and far. I am thankful for these peeps..they keep me joyful, motivated, informed and encouraged and when we are together, we have such good times..laughs, great food and interesting and lively conversations. 

So yes..friendships are very important and we should choose to move with those who are looking to go in the same direction we are! 

Nevertheless, there is a true and faithful friend with whom none can compare and His name is Jesus. 

I want to encourage you to develop that close relationship with Him so that through the good times and bad, through thick and thin, when no one else may be able to see, understand or feel where you’re can know for certain that He’s the one who knows exactly what you need. 

You cannot expect people to always “get you” because they may not truly know you..or you them..but God says: “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you and set you apart..” Jer 1:5..and this is to every one of us He created. What an amazing Father, Creator, Savior and friend! He didn’t just make us and leave us here..He constantly seeks relationship and intimacy with us. With him..there’s no need to try to “fit in” or make compromises in order to feel accepted or to “be popular”.  

So..we shouldn’t walk alone. Life is sooooo much better when you have others with you. Seek to cultivate enduring and mutually uplifting relationships but also be content to live a solitary life at times..because you are never alone if you have Christ. 

Don’t neglect this one, true, enduring friend while trying to build other friendships. Don’t spend so much time with social media and on the phone, at the expense of knowing the One (and only one) who laid down His own life for you. 

He says: “I have loved you with an everlasting love..” Jer 31:3

Get to know and trust Him more deeply than any other and your life and soul will be blessed and richer for it..both now and for eternity!

Bless you! Have a great weekend.

By Carol-angel Jackson

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