I’m Ok!


but woe to him that is alone when he falleth; for he hath not another to help him up.

 Ecc 4:10 (b)

My five year old son is energetic and rambunctious. His mouth often moves as fast as his arms and legs and sitting still is hard. He does not tend to look before he leaps, walks, runs and often we hear the bump or fall that happen as a result. I am often thanking God that his stumble did not have a worse result.  The thing about my son, is that when he trips, falls, walks into things etc, most times the first thing you will hear from him is a quick “I’m Ok!”, before he continues on, at full speed, whatever activity he was doing. There are the times though, when the wind is knocked out of him and recovery takes a little longer. Then there are the times when he is definitely not ok. When the impact produces tears and he has no shame in being vulnerable and letting me know he is hurt and in need of comfort and attention. He does not try to hold it in and appear unaffected.

As I witnessed his activities one day, it occurred to me the number of times I have said “I’m Ok” over the years and not been ok. The times where situations produced hurt but I refused to let anybody see and as a result bore that burden alone.

It may be hard to admit to vulnerability but God never meant for us to make this journey alone. James 5:16 tells us To confess your faults one to another, and pray for one another, that ye might be healed (KJV). In letting someone else know our imperfections, our stumbles, that is where our healing begins. We may be afraid of the judgment of others or that they may see us differently. The thing is, no one can give us strength if they do not know that we are weak.

Like some injuries, there are some struggles that we face that will only get worse if left unattended. My son’s cut my become infected if he says nothing and ignores it or tries to deal with it on his own. There is strength in numbers. James 5:16 goes on to say that ” The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”

So after confessing, and being prayed for we are told that much is accomplished through this effective and powerful prayer. If we know this, why would we want to hold on to our struggles?

Let us allow ourselves to heal and to let go of the façade. Do not allow the fear, pain, hurt or bitterness to fester and grow. There is love and comfort and encouragement waiting at the other end. Find those who love and care for us and allow ourselves to accept their help. Talk to others and let our healing begin. It may be hard initially but God will lead, one step at a time. Trust His word.

Get to the point where we can say, “I’m ok”, and truly mean it.

Marisse Cropper

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