Put On Your Big Girl Panties


When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

1 Cor 13:11


Soooo, you may be wondering about the title of this article and the very complementary accompanying graphic.  Well, in essence, God told me that.  His exact words were, “Time to put on your big girl panties.”

By nature, I do not like confrontation and would prefer things to go smoothly and happily along.  Not saying that I run from it; I just give it a wide berth. Really spacious. Do not want to crowd it.  As a result though, when it does happen, in whatever manner, I am ill equipped to deal with it and often don’t. I would usually take the path of least resistance.  The by-products of that though,  are these (nice alliteration) : character weakness and faith weakness. Please understand, I am not suggesting going out looking for confrontation and seeing if God will back you up.  Nope, not what I said. For me, dealing with a situation where I know I am out of my depth, would require me seeking God for the wisdom. Handling it my way requires no seeking and no wisdom and no faith.

Recently, when the situation arose that put a bump in the relatively smooth order of things, panic was the first emotion in the door.  While trying to kick it out and refocus my reactions, I realised that I would have to manage  it and it was in the midst of this, that the Holy Spirit spoke. It was a quiet rebuke and an encouragement at the same time. The kind God is a master at giving. “Time to put on your big girl panties.”  Wrapped up in that one statement, was a multitude of meanings and all the situations where it was relevant.

Since that day, there has been one challenge after the next, where my maturity is being put to the test.  The thing is, it’s only a challenge if I allow it to be. If something comes up and I ignore it or deal with it as I have in the past, there is no challenge but there is also no growth and no advance. God is stretching me! He knows it and I know it and it will not happen if I am not a partner in the process. For where God is taking me, this needs to happen now . I have no doubt that the challenges will get bigger but guess what; His grace is sufficient.

Joshua was told multiple times to be strong and very courageous; Moses had a pep talk by a ‘burning’ bush; Elijah heard a still, small voice and God talked to me about underwear. It got my attention.

Where in your life is God challenging you? Have you partnered with Him in the process? It is easier than pushing against it. Tantrums are not a good look on us. Know that it is working for your good and that He is using this time to get rid of things in you that will hinder His future plans for you.

When I told my husband that I wanted to put up a sign that would read “BIG GIRL PANTIES”, as a reminder to myself, he agreed in principle but thought that it might be just a bit startling for the children. I have not yet given up on the idea though. The sign might  just have to be smaller.

Walk with God ladies, knowing that He is our confidence, our wisdom, our strength, our peace and our joy. He is why we stand each day and keep pushing through. He sings over us. He loves us. We are His. He has spoken over you and His words will not return void. (Isa 55:10-13)


by Marisse Cropper

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