The Place Where We Abide (Part 2)


I hope that you all had a week of breakthroughs and revelations of the heart of God towards you.

As promised, here is part 2 of the article by Lorene Goodman.

Be blessed, encouraged and strengthened in our Lord.


The Place Where We Abide (cont’d)…

As we abide in Jesus-the vine, he prunes us to bear more fruit.

What is pruning? You gardening lovers can answer this(smile)

What is pruning?- To prune is to cut or trim so that plants or trees grow better and become more productive. It involves selective removal; it’s also considered preventative.

Know ladies pruning is not easy and it can be painful. Christ prunes us. He shows us things in our lives that are painful for us to accept but we must believe that He loves us so much and wants us to be the best he created us to be. Things like lying ,bad attitudes, hatred ,unforgiveness, lack of prayer, being unkind -these are not qualities that should be found in the saints of God.

So our loving Abba wants to clean us up so we can bear more fruit than we are presently bearing. We have not come near to our full potential.

How can we bear more fruit? Not by adding more activities to our lives. No.  What we need are healthier lifestyles in Christ.


Living here (in Bosnia) I’ve experienced seasons in a totally different way. You don’t only see the differences, you feel the difference. You must change the way you dress, days are shorter etc.

In Autumn which is my favorite time(beautiful rust & gold colours) you see leaves falling off the trees in preparation for winter. Have you ever  noticed that leaves fall off living trees, but if the tree is dead the leaves become dry and brittle but they don’t fall off?

Why, you may ask? Again you gardening fans would know this. In living trees the leaves do not actually fall off, they are pushed off by the sap in the tree( we know that some of us sisters are full of sap lol). The life in the tree or the life of the tree pushes the dead leaves off to make way for the new leaves springing forth.

Ladies that is Jesus’s desire for us that we allow him to push off the things that are dead or that bring death to our healthy bodies (branches).  He wants us to become FRUIT BEARING BRANCHES . That is His purpose. Let’s make ourselves available.

Hope that this is a Blessing and an encouragement to you as it was to me. Remember we can do all things through Christ you gives us strength. Let us purpose to live the word.

By Lorene Goodman

Information taken from Ronald Dunn’s book “Don’t Just Stand There, Pray Something”

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