Proverbs 11:14 ..In the multitude of counselors there is safety

Ladies!!! Ladies!!! Ladies!!! Happy Easter!! It’s also not too late to say Happy 2019!! So many changes occurred in our lives in 2018 as we’re sure happened in yours. 

Thankfully, after a hiatus Sisters’ Keeper is finally rolling again. Thank you to those who let us know that our posts were missed and encouraged us to keep writing. The website has been refreshed and streamlined with a new look and new content. Yet, from the same heart and with the same message, that we are our Sisters’ Keeper!

We will continue to share regular devotionals and have also added pages for longer bible studies, creative writing (e.g. short stories, poetry) and worship. Check it all out at the new

With absolute certainty, one hallmark of those who follow Christ is inter-dependence, ‘No man (or woman) is an island’. The proper working of each individual part is essential to us all being built up. Friends, this journey was never meant to be done solo. We don’t know all and can’t do, all. It’s important that we share.

We want you to be more interactive on the site. In other words, we want your input! Our experiences are all different and how God has brought you through can be an encouragement for someone else.

Please share your comments, let us know if any of the posts have helped you. Post your prayer requests so we can join you in prayer. You can also submit a devotional, life story, creative writing or bible study and we will repost these. You can do all this via our email or social media pages.  Please also subscribe and the latest posts will come straight to your inbox.

We hope you will enjoy the new and more interactive Sisters’ Keeper. Let’s walk together, laugh together, cry together and grow together. In other words, let’s do life together!!

Are you ready?

Let’s go…

Carol and Marisse ♥

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