Hillsong worship and creative conference “Clarity” – Sydney, Australia (October 25-27, 2019)

We had an amazing time visiting Hillsong church in Sydney for their Clarity conference. Here we received clearer direction from the Lord for our lives and ministry.


Are you settled yet? Singapore relocation (January 2019)

Marina bay sands and Gardens by the bay, Singapore

Anyone who has relocated knows that settling is a process. Beyond finding a job, a home and if you have children, getting them into a school, there is the process of adapting to a new culture, new laws, new supermarkets/stores, new people and a new way of life. Everything is new!!

My family and I recently relocated to Singapore from Barbados for my husband’s work. We have literally traveled to the other side of the world and that alone was an undertaking. A quick pack up of our stuff within 2 weeks and off on this new adventure we went! Two and a half months in and while almost all of the major things have been sorted but we are still going through the “process” of settling where some days I miss friends, family and familiarity!

Singapore itself is quite a gorgeous place to live. A soft entry into Asia where thankfully most people speak English (or Singlish as it is called here) and there are many American brands available. Thankfully many are ready and willing to provide useful tips on adjusting to life here. More than this, I am grateful to have found a vibrant church family with a supportive women’s ministry, which has been more than a blessing. Shout out to Grace Covenant Church. The women’s ministry emphasises the importance of being our sister’s keeper. I have gathered a lot of information about the ins and outs of Singapore and made new friendships among these women of expats and Singaporeans. Although I sometimes miss my family and friends, Singapore is a lovely island city with so many things to do. There’s great food to eat and lots of interesting people to meet from all over the world, who like us, ended up half way across the globe! I am thankful to God that He is the master and creator of new seasons and can be trusted to provide the grace and all that is necessary in the middle of what may be unsettling circumstances and He will perfect, establish, strengthen and settle us! (1 Peter 5:10)

By Carol Hull-Jackson


2 thoughts on “LIFE LINES

  1. This is wonderful and salute each of you.I know God will use this ministry to impact women of every tribe and nation.One thing I would like to see when you go on the your beautiful faces instead of what you now have.Blessing Lorene.


    1. Thanks Lorene for your support. Please continue to pray for this ministry that God will use it to really minister to women, bring readers closer to Him and spread the gospel. Once we’ve launched (date to be announced!) spread the word!


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